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Saarland was the first federal state to be certified as a sustainable travel destination by TOURCERT. This means that Saarland is and will remain an open-minded and special corner of the world where guests enjoy their holidays and live in the present.

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We are GREENSIGN-certified!

We place great emphasis on sustainability - a feature that always resonated well with our guests, which is why we applied for certification.

Hotels certified by GREENSIGN stand for sustainable hotel management and fulfil the most important criteria in harmony with ecological standards, social commitment and economic success.

Greensign Zertifikat Saarschleifenlodge
Saarschleifemlodge Greensign
Ganzheitlichkeit in der Saarschleifenlodge


In the structural design of the rooms with natural materials, in the selection of food in our kitchen, wine bar and Späti, in the separation of waste, in the use of eco-electricity and in the choice of cleaning agents: the idea of holistic SUSTAINABILITY is present in all areas of the SAARSCHLEIFENLODGE and is integrated into our daily actions as much as possible. Therefore, out of deep conviction, we strive to work in harmony with nature in a way that is responsible for ourselves and future generations. SUSTAINABLE HOLIDAYS not only make us happy, but also our guests. By doing something good for ourselves and paying attention to ECOLOGY and SUSTAINABILITY, we can make a contribution and prepare ourselves for the future.

Nachhaltig Urlaub machen im Saarland


We are GUESTS IN NATURE and appreciate our location in the middle of the “Steilhänge Saar” nature reserve. We would like to convey this appreciation to our guests as well. By leaving as few traces as possible in the environment, we invite our guests to perceive nature in its ENTIRETY and simply find some relaxation.

The way we think and how we act today has an impact on the future. We are aware that sustainability is probably a never-ending process. But every step along the way is an important step in the right direction. We are grateful for everyone who walks this path with us.

Ökologische Bauweise, Passivhäuser, Saarschleifenlodge


From the very beginning, the aspect of SUSTAINABILITY has been our top priority. We consider our daily activities with regard to the consequences for people and the environment in our region. Thus, we rely on an ecological construction method, which is reflected not least in the PRESERVATION of our LODGE HOUSE with 200-YEAR-OLD TRADITION and the design of our Tiny Houses as passive houses in timber frame construction from local forests. Attention to the GREEN / ECOLOGICAL footprint, minimal surface sealing, the use of naturally renewable raw materials and the integration of materials and companies from the region are also an integral part of our philosophy. For sanitary facilities, we use grey water and the latest hybrid heat technology.

Uppcycling in der Saarschleifenlodge


We deliberately decided not to demolish the existing building in order to preserve the old building and to continue using the grey energy it contains.

For the construction of our furniture, OLD OAK logs from local forests were cut open horizontally. Young design architects have reinterpreted the OLD OAK WOOD from our barn ceiling and the roof trusses and carved iconic accessories such as bicycle racks, bureaus, kitchen elements, benches, keyboards and coat racks from them.

Erhalt alter Bäume Saarschleifenlodge


The TREE STOCK on our grounds has also been protected, new green spaces have been created and supplemented with trees, shrubs, herbs and nibbles for our local cuisine.

Winter lime, hornbeam, maple, walnut and amber trees, as well as pear, apple and mirabelle plum trees adorn our LODGE GARDEN.

Already during the construction phase, we have established two BEE HIVES in our LODGE GARDEN and created a home for bees to promote their indispensable importance for our ecosystem.

Klimaneutrale Anreise


You don't have to travel far to discover amazing SIGHTS. Whereas long-distance destinations require a long flight with vast time expenditure and enormous CO₂ emissions, our holiday destination is much easier to reach without additional burden on the environment and climate. We promote CLIMATE-NEUTRAL TRAVELLING, whether by bus, train or ferry - those who protect the environment are rewarded for it right at check-in. Optimal conditions for keeping your ecological footprint small and discovering the beauty and nature of our region at your own pace.

Regionaler Genuss in der Saarschleifenlodge


The variety of DELICACIES in Saarland is large and creative. When it comes to food, we are particularly quality-oriented and are committed to offering regional dishes. A sustainable holiday in your own country or in a nearby foreign country also means taking a culinary journey of pleasure through the realms of the familiar and the local. We have our own HERB GARDEN and our own BEE HIVES and source our food directly from the region. So only fresh and high-quality ingredients end up on your plate or your breakfast baskets, to experience local freshness with every bite.

Erholsames Schlaferlebnis im Urlaub


For us, SUSTAINABLE HOLIDAYS also means offering our guests a natural and restful SLEEPING EXPERIENCE. Because only those who sleep well are truly refreshed. Our beds are large, comfortable and made with natural materials, inviting you to snuggle up and dream sustainably in soft natural bedding.

What could be more BEAUTIFUL than waking up in the morning to a gigantic view of the banks of the Saar, the Steinbach stream or the surrounding woodland. Our large glass facades provide the ultimate view of the fascinating surroundings and give every guest the feeling of being ONE WITH NATURE.

UMweltschutz in der Saarschleifenlodge


As an innovative tourism destination, we clearly say "YES!" to more ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, fair working conditions and the strengthening of our region as a holiday destination. The more people decide to travel ecologically, the better it is for our planet, the local people and of course the respective environments. We all shape our coexistence and the future of our children with our decisions.

Every new day brings the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and to question things. A VALUABLE attitude that comes from within!